About Me

My Story

When life’s beauty and brilliance meet the canvas at the hand of Missy Ormand, the movement, texture and energetic blend of chromatic colors fill the room. Inspired by French impressionists such as Degas, Van Gough and Monet, Missy studied the technique of 3-D Oil Sculpting under Carrie Cameron (Garner) who is a protege of JD Miller, the creator of this artistic method.

Our journey through this world is full of new and unexpected lessons. Each time Missy begins her work, she embodies the moment without boundaries. Most of her landscapes are seen only in her mind until they are translated to the now. More than just the sights she has seen, she creates splendor from her heart felt emotions and undying passion for life.

Throughout her life she has expressed her art through dance and writing until picking up the brush and knife 10 years ago. She has not looked back. Since then, her work has been displayed at the Celebration of the Arts in the Kentucky Library and Museum, Women in the Arts, Nashville’s Barely Legal and several local establishments.

As we exhibit more and more of Missy’s works, we will list these locations on our “On Display”  page. If you are in the area of one of these locations, we hope that you take the opportunity to view these works of art in person. The pictures we post, do NOT do them justice. They truly are something you must see in person to appreciate.